Saturday, March 10, 2012

~ Smooth As Silk ~

A while back, I was able to get some very expensive shaving cream on sale. I couldn't pass up the deal, and I had to try it of course because it must be amazing for them to charge as much as they did. I was right. It was amazing. It made my legs feel like silk. 
When I ran out of it, I was a little bummed because I couldn't afford the normal price. I decided to search for a solution to my problem.

Friday, March 2, 2012

~ In My Darkest Hour ~

This past week has been somewhat of a trying one. We were told we had a week to find a new place to live. I don't see how that is legal at all, but trying to keep our testimony as Christians, I'm not going to fight it. My husband has been at his new job for two weeks now, but money has been tight to say the least. I do not like to owe money, and I would rather be ahead in payments than pay on the due date. I've always been good at saving money and budgeting, but the cost of living here has been a constant trial. All my life I've known what it was like to not have extra money. I remember times where we ate crackers for dinner because that is all we had. We never starved though. We were never had to live on the streets. God has always provided for us, and even in non pleasant situations, I've never had enough cause to really complain. Someone out there is always worse off than I am. God has blessed me beyond measure, and even at my best I am unworthy of his goodness. I am not writing this blog for you - I'm writing it for myself. There are many things I'm struggling with right now, and finding it hard to have the faith I should.