Saturday, March 10, 2012

~ Smooth As Silk ~

A while back, I was able to get some very expensive shaving cream on sale. I couldn't pass up the deal, and I had to try it of course because it must be amazing for them to charge as much as they did. I was right. It was amazing. It made my legs feel like silk. 
When I ran out of it, I was a little bummed because I couldn't afford the normal price. I decided to search for a solution to my problem.

Voila! Suave conditioner works wonders. I decided to try it because I was out of shaving cream, and regular body washes tend to dry my skin out. The result was almost the exact one I had gotten from the expensive brand. When I feel like taking it to the extreme, I put coconut oil on when I'm done. It's not needed, but it sure does feel good! Hope this post can help you.