Saturday, February 25, 2012

~ Cloth Diapers ~

I've always tended to be more on the frugal side, but with a baby on the way, I have this undying urge to sew, and to save more money for the unseen needs I'm likely to have come up. I have a problem with paying tons of money for regular diapers. You spend all that money for something that's filled with...well, you know....and then it get's thrown away. No way to reuse, so despite the convenience, I would rather use cloth. The new cloth diapers seem to be so costly though. Running anywhere from $14-$25 a piece, I just can't see paying that either. I did some research and found a site that let's you download PDF files of the cloth diaper pattern (often called "nappies"), for free. I also found a Youtube video a lady posted showing how to put one together. There are lots of sites out there and links where you can buy the patterns and instructions, but if you are just as cheap as me, or just wish to get a head start on making them before you order anything, here are the links.



One of them says that is a cheap place to get the PUL fabric you need, but the site is currently down for maintenance, so I am not sure of the prices. From the research I've done, the cheapest place other than that is The cost per yard is anywhere from $7.98 - $9.98 and shipping is free with any $35 order. If you find anywhere cheaper, please comment and let me know! I'm ready to start sewing a good supply of diapers so I'm stocked up when my baby gets here. =)