Friday, May 7, 2010

~ The Worth of One Soul ~

Yesterday my family and I were called at 4:00 in the morning by my sister who was due with her baby girl in a few days. She said that she had just had an ultrasound done, and the doctor could not find a heartbeat for the baby. When I heard the news, my heart dropped. There is nothing in the world like losing a child. I don't know this from personal experience, but I can't imagine how hard it must be. Hearing my little sister in such a heartbreaking situation is like something I can't describe. Seeing my parents with tears in their eyes, hurting for their daughter, is also indescribable. Trying to see what reasoning God has for taking this child, is so hard. It makes no sense, and yet, I know he has a plan and a reason. That little girl will never have to see the wickedness of the world.

Her parents will never have to worry about her future, never have to wonder if she will be okay, and rest in the peace of knowing that she is with God. The Lord never does anything without a purpose. The past day and a half, and even now, there are people we know all over America praying for that family. It is amazing to see how many people could care about the death of this little child. The baby girl was held in her lifeless state by her mother, father, and brother this morning. The brother, only 1 year old, kept kissing his little sister. Things like this baffle me as to why anyone could ever consider abortion. How could you take such a precious miracle, and just throw it away? There is an entire state worth of people that were praying for the life of this child that was lost, and yet we see people who say abortion is a mother's choice, and that it is not a bad thing. I would disagree highly. I have seen a family feeling as though their own life was taken away from them after losing their child - how could we possibly disregard any child's life, born or unborn? I will end this by saying, please pray for my sister and her family as they deal with their loss. God is still in control, and we shall see one day what his plan is for this situation. Nipper out.