Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sew Happy

 I was without a sewing machine for some time after moving, but my sister was a blessing and gave me an extra one she had. I was thrilled, and began sewing things I didn't need: little girls clothes. 
I am hoping to eventually sell some things on Etsy, but for now, I'll just make a stockpile of little girl dresses.

I made this first dress by using a free bodice pattern I found online, and added the skirt. I honestly don't remember where it was - I just printed it off and didn't save the site. I cute out some white knit fabric in the shape of a flower (I used 5 layers for each flower), then sewed some of the extra yellow fabric around a button for the center. 

This dress was made from a wool sweater. I found a great tutorial HERE.
Her instructions are easy to follow, and the dress was so simple to make. I shamefully admit I tried it on my son to see if it would fit a toddler. He was not happy about that, and no, I didn't take any pictures. :)

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