Saturday, February 18, 2012

~ Long Weekend ~

I thought that since I had a four day weekend ahead of me, I would get lots of sewing in. Wrong. My sewing machine broke, and despite the fact I am capable of it, I refuse to sew the things I planned to by hand. I have decided that I am going to make some jewelry and other craft items start an Etsy account. I am not sure about how it all works, but I could use a little extra cash now and then. Perhaps I could use it on my new addiction to  sewing things, or maybe prepare for the birth of my son. I realized today, that I have absolutely NOTHING for a baby. All I have is the baby. I suppose I should start shopping now, or maybe prepare for a baby shower, but I am such a procrastinator on some things! I hate feeling like I'm asking someone to buy me things by hosting a baby shower. I found a few patterns for diapers that I want to try to make when my machine is fixed, but until then, I guess I will have to put aside my stubborn ways and host a party.